storm doors

Benefits of storm doors

A storm door safeguards your exterior door from worse weather and provides ventilation. This helps prevent leaks and reduces repairs and maintenance on the main door. The storm door also acts as insulation, reducing the amount of heat escaping in the winter, and air conditioning in the warmer, summer months.

Protects your entry door

A storm door will protect your (more expensive) entry door from the desperado, as well as wreckages. This will reduce the cost and time associated with maintenance.

Keep bugs out

Storm doors generally have screen insert options which will enble you to enjoy the summer breeze without engaging in any unwanted pests. Bugs and other unwanted pest want nothing more than to take up residence in your home. When they see an opportunity in the form of an open, screenless window or a door that’s ajar, they’ll waste no time flying, crawling and slithering into your house. When you’re airing out your home or creating a nice cross-breeze, you want to keep pests out. Storm doors allow air to enter while keeping bugs out.

Increased energy-efficiency

A storm door can add an extra barrier between your home and the climate change outside, reducing heating and cooling costs. On days where it’s too hot to function, you’ll probably want to run your air conditioner. On the days where it’s hot but not too hot, you can open your front door and let the storm door let in air. You’ll get a nice cross-breeze flowing into your home, cooling it down without having to spend money running your A/C unit. Storm doors are also great in the spring when you want to air out your home after a long winter. As the storm door performs as a barrier against the outside world, you can let air in while keeping everything else out.

Provides extra security

An extra locked barrier is an added deterrent to potential burglars. It will also help to keep those who should be in the house in!

Before you purchase a storm door, check its components in the store. Open and close the display model to make sure the hinges and latches operate smoothly. To get the most out of your storm door, invest in the highest quality components you can afford.

Quick and easy installation

Storm doors can be installed in any entry door. They can match any style door frame whether it’s vinyl, brick or wood and will hold securely once they’re installed. As simple and fast as storm doors are to install, it is recommended that you call a professional. A door expert will be able to install your storm door efficiently without damaging your door frame.

A storm door is a great investment, especially if your main door is getting older but you don’t want to buy a new one immediately. Before purchasing a storm door, ask an door professional about whether an aluminum or vinyl storm design matches your home’s requirements best. This will help you choose a door that offers maximum energy efficiency to help you save money on utilities while protecting your door from nature’s elements.


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