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Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

Natural wood was the main material for all kinds of garage doors previously. But recently the garage door industry has moved beyond wood and embraced an upstream of new materials to manufacture their doors. Fiberglass, aluminum, various composites and even plastic are now-a-days in the combination, but perhaps no material has intruded on wood’s dominance as the go-to material for the garage door as much as steel.

There Are Many Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

Steel offers a number of advantages over wood and the other materials listed above. Some of steel’s many advantages include:

  • Durability – While it is the matter of long lasting durability, nothing comes close to steel. However with wood one have to struggle with  an endless battle against decay, with steel  doors you are ready and willing to take on the worst of the zone based adverse climate and come out the other side unscathed year after year. No more warping. No more rot along the base, no more painting and repainting to keep the elements at bay.
  • Energy Efficiency – Steel garage doors are insulated with polyurethane or polystyrene play a most important role in keeping the cold out and the heat in. This is predominantly important if your garage is located under other occupied rooms in the house. With wooden doors your garage is basically a walk-in freezer in the winter time.  With insulated steel doors you put an end to the freezer effect and start enjoying the savings effect.
  • Affordability – Steel doors are less expensive than wooden doors. A customized wooden door may charge you 2 or 3 times as much as a customized steel door. And even with the added expense the wooden door will never match the energy savings the insulated steel door will deliver and which could cover the cost of its installation in just a few years.
  • Safety and Security – Many home intrusions begin with criminals exploiting weak spots in wooden doors. They’ll never have that opportunity with your steel doors. Not only that, but if by some unfortunate turn of events your home should catch fire, your steel doors won’t contribute to making things worse and can even provide you with a fire-free exit if need be.
  • Beauty – With all the color, texture, window style and glass options available for today’s steel overhead doors there is sure to be a look to serve your needs and desires. Steel doors will add beauty and balance to any home exterior while delivering secure, energy-efficient functionality at the same time.
  • Enhanced Value – All that beauty will also deliver enhanced curb appeal to beat the band. Developers and real estate agents agree that new insulated steel garage doors can substantially increase your ability to sell your home in appropriate style and for a better price than if you had old, non-insulated wooden doors in place.

Steel makes sense in every area of concern associated to overhead garage doors. It provides enhanced safety and security, enhanced durability, enhanced energy efficiency as well as long term savings on maintenance

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